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  • Researching distribution networks

    • We have an extensive knowledge of medical devices, natural supplements, pharmaceuticals and healthcare products, and of their distribution channels throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


    • We have extensive experiencing identifying the «ideal» distributor for your company and product in various channels and geographies.


    • Therefore, we can do more than just finding a company that will accept distributing your products. We will:

    Find the right distribution partners that will understand your market opportunities, your products’ potential and be able to successfully increase market penetration and sales growth.


    • Find the right distribution partners based on your criteria and tailored to meet your unique distribution needs.


    • Find the right distribution partners based on your budget and your desired level of involvement. Unlike others consultants, we can adjust the scope, duration and level of detail to fit your needs. We are not designed solely for the Fortune 500 companies.


    • Our programs start from simple and cost effective phone prospections and initial phone conference and goes up to organized face to face visit. YOU CHOOSE where to start and where to end.


    • More? We have exclusive partnerships in with US and Canadian based consultants and we are able to help any European company interested in finding the right distribution partners in North America.

  • Distribution management

    • Frequently companies are under the ill-conceived idea that a distribution network is something permanent but it is not a critical element of distribution strategy is the network needs to be fluid and well managed. It must constantly be adapted (addition / deletion) according to business factors such as your product portfolio, market position, and product life cycle, to name but a few.


    • When is the last time you have taken a fresh look at your distribution network?


    • When is the last time you have run a comparative analysis of your product portfolio and distribution network?


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  • Distributor’s management training

    • Regularly, sales teams inherit Distributor Management has part of their work responsibilities. However, they are not trained to leverage their distributors to their maximum potential and benefit. In fact, some sales teams perceive their distributors as competitors (because they also sell competitive products) instead of as an essential partner in the company’s success. In addition, many sales teams perceive distribution as a costly and unnecessary means of servicing their customers.


    • Distributors are much more than just a warehouse and logistics provider for your products!


    • Properly managed, a well-balanced distribution network is the ideal system with which to grow your business efficiently and economically.


    • Unlike many other sales training programs, our Distributor Management Training for Sales Professionals are totally proprietary and tailored for your company - based upon our analysis of your business, your distribution network and your sales team (one-on-one interviews or surveys).


    > Let's discuss how to liven up and motivate your distributor network ? CLICK HERE

  • Distribution pricing policies

    • The “consumer” or “end-user” price is one thing and your distribution pricing policy quite another. This is what will set your distributor’s margin and hence their motivation to actively sell your products. Distributor margins are merely a cost transfer from the manufacturer to the distributor and compensation for the distributor's activities. In order to ensure strong distributor motivation, distributor margins must be driven carefully aligned to distributor channels, roles and the company’s goals, strategies and product positioning.


    • To optimize your pricing policy to motivate and manage your distributor network, CLICK HERE

  • Product portfolio review

    • What’s next in your product development pipeline? What products will ensure your growth in the years to come?


    • Are there any untapped opportunities or hidden gems in your portfolio? Have you considered making money by selling off or licensing your products to an interested 3rd-party?


    • We offer you a fresh look at your product portfolio ; it’s like spring-cleaning operation - get some stuff out and rediscover hidden treasures.


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    • Break-through innovation is rare and often it takes time and dedication from upstream-marketers and engineers to see the light-of-day. Consequently, sales growth is constrained. We know how accelerate the understanding of unmet market needs and the product development process.


    • You may know your existing customers and product range better than anybody else but we know how to align innovative resources and leverage market factors to enhance new product and new market development.


    • Let us help you accelerate your innovation cycle


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    • A well-conceived and implemented product launch is the key to a successful new product. To ensure attainment of your goals, consider our expert analysis and review of your launch strategy, materials, and go-to-market plans. This includes ensuring regulatory affairs clearance, assisting with sales training programs, reviewing distribution strategy, gathering competitive intelligence, public relations and more.


    • Relaunching a product after a poorly executed launch can cost up to 5 times more than doing it right the first time.


    • It is essential to success that you stack the odds in your favor from the very start.


    > We are here to help. CLICK HERE


    • Everyone involved in business knows the cost of failure in launching new products effectively. It costs up to 5 times more to re-launch new products, sometimes due to only a small miscue. Faced with a poorly conceived launch, it can also be extremely difficult to get the salesforce re-motivated and back on track.


    • Wouldn't it be of value to find out if the product will succeed in advance of the launch? If the price and/or the packaging are right? If the sales pitch works?


    • Try our exclusive Sales Laboratory for a fraction of the cost of launching the product in the marketplace and risking failure. It will ensure that all aspects of the new product and the launch program are calibrated for success.


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  • Mergers and acquisitions

    • We are not an M&A consulting company or a financial consultant, however when it comes to medical devices, OTC products and natural health supplements, we are certainly the right people to assist with independent, expert advice on acquisition targets and strategy.


    • Over the years we have developed a solid network of partners known for their abilities and fair price. We'll open our network to you.


    • Do you have doubts about your next investment? Your new partner?


    • Call us to discuss openly we will help you. CLICK HERE

  • Regulatory affairs

    • Regulatory Affairs cannot really help you grow your business say but the smallest mistake will certainly have a strong negative impact on your growth projection. Over the years we have developed partnerships with independent experts that can help you from targeted advice to full registration process.


    • We can even help you to outsource it if needed.


    > To talk about it. CLICK HERE




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